The New American Gothic


This cartoon is a revamp of a pop culture painting called American Gothic by Grant Wood. Here it shows a stereotypical Mexican man with a pitchfork in his hand. He is leaned into the woman with his arm around her which is a difference from the original painting that shows a little bit of promiscuity. The confused look on the woman’s face with her leaning away from the man shows she is really uncomfortable and semi confused. This look depicted shows that she seems to have just realized what the man says is true. The man with the label “Low Wage Immigrant Farm Workers” on his belly says to her, “You can’t live without me”. The cartoon represents the need and dependency Americans have for Low Wage Immigrant workers, especially from Mexico. These workers fulfill jobs that many Americans would not think of doing, especially for the very low wages that these workers receive. The US economy has become dependent on these workers. Many small and large companies depend on these low wage workers to do the jobs they do and for the low amount of money they take. This is an example of framing by how this emphasizes one aspect of the immigration debate and frames it in a certain light. This shows intent of the gatekeepers to show undocumented workers in a positive way that shows the American or consumers need for these people to help the economy.


Immigration And Racism

This cartoon can be shown as selective perception, depending on where and how you were raised, you as an individual will determine visually your opinion based on what you see. While looking at this cartoon the reader tends to perceive things according to their beliefs rather than what the facts really are. As you look at this specific cartoon, those who were raised in a different part of the country may see this as offensive or not understand the meaning behind it while others may think deeply on the what is being shown and form their opinion based on that visual. Because of people making these decisions they perceive these messages already based on their existing views and tend not to see it any other way.

GOP Issue

This cartoon is relative to the media theory Agenda Setting Theory, because it is bias and suggests how the Republicans see this presented, The tent being marked as “G.O.P Support” and showing the former supporters leaving gives a good example of agenda setting theory not telling you how you should feel, but giving you the big picture and having you choose form your opinion yourself. This makes the reader ask questions to themselves to determine their own opinion. Showing that those readers who are republican are losing their majority vote to the democrats because of the loss of Republican Latino voters. The cartoon is not telling you how to think, but what to think about.

Immigration Hulk

In this cartoon boy and girl are going to the movies. They look at a poster of the incredible hulk and the boy says to the girl, “That happens every time you bring up illegal immigration around your uncle. Only in his case its toxic radiation from talk radio that altered his genetic chemistry. This shows that the girl uncle apparently gets upset over the immigration issue as a consequence of listening to talk radio. The cartoon is a representation of the Selective Perception theory itself as it refers to the uncle getting angry over what he is listening to while someone on the other side of the issue may not be so angry because of their views and opinions. As a personal example, while listening to Rush Limbaugh a friend of mine will become very worked up about the things Limbaugh is talking about, probably as much as Limbaugh himself. While on the other side I think his claims are ridiculous and pay little attention. How we think, how we are raised, our views and beliefs affect the things we hear and see in the media and this cartoon is an example of that.

Anti Immigration Thanksgiving


In this cartoon Jeff Parker is trying to describe the ultimate reality using the framing theory. Plymouth Rock, shown in the cartoon, is the traditional site of disembarkation of William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims who founded Plymouth Colony in 1620, in what would become the United States of America. Bradford is credited as the first to proclaim what popular American culture now views as the first Thanksgiving. Cartoon portrays the denial towards settlers by Native Americans. This cartoon is about cultural integration and assimilation that is represented through  the current reality towards immigrants, describing how white Americans claim that immigrants won’t integrate nor assimilate, meanwhile back in the days the first settlers didn’t assimilate to Native American culture. While the majority of our society is against immigration, assuming that it will have hazardous impacts on our nation, many forget that our ancestors – the very first settlers were nothing but immigrants.

Illegal Immigration Reality


This Cartoon shows two Hispanic undocumented workers, working in a kitchen doing the jobs most Americans refuse to do. As the educated white man sits reading the news paper on benefits for ‘illegal aliens’ the uneducated worker asks the other worker what the word benefits means. The other worker gives a very brief and unrelated answer to the question. The media effect theory that best applies to this cartoon is cultivation. The workers in the cartoon are portrayed as most Americans portray them, working in dead end jobs with very low pay.

Lou Dobbs For Senate


In this Cartoon by Jimmy Margulies, Lou Dobbs is running for Senator of New Jersey. Behind Dobbs is a sign saying “Deport Senator Robert Mendez”. A man and a woman are listening as the man says to her, “Doesn’t he mean defeat mendez?” and the woman replies that she doesn’t think so. Robert Mendez is the current Senator of New Jersey born and raised by immigrant parents in Union City. Dobbs is a well known pundit for CNN, and very outspoken when it comes to immigration issues. This cartoon is an example of framing because it creates a reality to the reader that portrays Dobbs as so much against immigration that he would want to even deport a United States Senator. One who was not well informed or watched any of Lou Dobbs show would consequently be led to believe that he is very agaisnt immigration. Wether that be true of not this cartoon serves its purpose as framing him in that way.